About Drauger OS

Drauger OS is designed to be a Linux desktop gaming operating system. In an attempt to bring console and PC gamers together, it uses a reconfigured Xfce desktop to resemble a gaming console and allow it to be more easily used either with a controller or mouse and keyboard.

Inspired by the failure of SteamOS, Drauger OS aims to bring Linux gaming to the masses on an easy and free to use platform which is friendly to both new users and power users. 

Based off Xubuntu, Drauger OS is stable and secure from most malware and cyberattacks. This way, you can have epic performance while gaming, and have peace of mind knowing you and your data are safe while on the internet.

Drauger OS is a free, open-sourced, community driven project. If you wish to participate in development, contribute code, or provide feedback feel free to fill out the Google Form here, or email us here.

If you wish to learn more about Drauger OS, or contact the people behind it, please email us here. Please understand there is no official company behind Drauger OS since it is a community based project. However, we will work with you in as professional a manner as possible to answer any questions you may have.

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